2006 Year In Review

In January, I wrote my third Quicksilver tutorial, had a painful coincidence, made a cupcake-frosted ass Of myself, observed some Lynchian flyers, freaked out about Ableton Live, went to the Top Of The Rock in zero-visibility, and mocked both Blackberry users and Cornell.

In February, I emigrated to the Colbert Nation, upgraded my IIDX rig, fired a warning shot about the “true video iPod”, got my hands on DJ Max, observed the passing of a great TV show, discovered I was a warmonger, went to a pillow fight, had another round of coincidences, and tried (and failed) to guess when WWDC would be.

In March, I audited the Oscars, mourned Peter Tomarken, went to the best! pizza party! ever!, tried to track down a fellow Bemani fan, and saw Ted Leo yet again.

In April, I went to London. The trip included transportation problems, awesome sweets, and sport on telly, among other things. Also, I detailed one of my favorite obscure Konami titles, hit up Coney Island on opening day, lamented over Bemani community drama, announced my love for The Amazing Race, and freaked out over Inform 7.

In May, I “visited” David Blaine, helped Eugene Mirman protest himself, celebrated Mother’s Day, went to TARcon 9 as well as my dad’s birthday, and got deep about advertising and porn.

In June, I was impressed by Apple technical support, observed a flood at the office, turned 26 on what might’ve been the most numerically interesting day of the year, mourned the loss of Michael Bartosh, saw the last game I ever worked on released, ran into a team on the last leg of TAR10, ran into the International Parade, made a Flickr hypothesis, and reviewed the Sidekick 3.

In July, I got a promotion, went to a friend’s wedding, weighed in on Apple security issues, watched the Headbutt Heard Round The World, got my hands on Live, and lectured about empathy. I set up a Vox account, got nailed by the Astoria Blackout, flipped out at the mayor, reveled in Shyamalan Schadenfreude, flipped out at my commenters, rated candy, and spent 14 hours at Del Close 8, where we had a bizarre accident. In hindsight, July was pretty goddamn busy.

In August, I previewed VJ Army 4.0, put WWDC on notice, had some fun on a plane in the middle of security hysteria, saw Gnarls Barkley, warned about shitty DVDs, took my favorite photo of the year, and rejoiced as Lamprey Systems returned.

In September, I unloaded on Mac rumor nerds, dissected iPod games, rallied against single save games, performed data magic, and relected on 9/11.

In October, I saw Tideland and Terry Gilliam, joined the Big Pig Gig, turned my childhood trauma into prizes, got caught up in the Cory Lidle plane crash, went to Rochester for a conference, and pulled apart the Sony/Lik Sang brewhaha. I also had a chance to see Robert Altman and Garrison Keillor shortly before Mr. Altman passed away.

In November, my iMac blew up, acquired a Wii (despite the wiitards)and Singstar US, learned an important lesson from Jim Cramer, picked up two more Bemani series, and worried I might be aging backwards.

In December, I had my Macworld article printed, simultaneously slammed and lauded Konami, went to TARcon X, mocked Time Magazine, had my meal of the year, happily found the return of one of my favorite games, and got outnerded by my coworkers.