DJ Max

Like many others around the globe, I am completely enthralled with the recent release of Pentavision’s [DJ Max]( for the PSP. It is a solid recreation of my much beloved Beatmania series, except perfectly adapted for a portable. It has over 50 tracks (many of which are surprisingly good), a metric ton of things to unlock, and a nice steady difficulty curve.

If you own a PSP, you owe it to yourself to pick this up. And if you have already picked it up – or even if you haven’t and just want more information – I’ve started work on translating as much info about the game as I can and slapping it on my wiki. Contributions are always welcome. You can read the info at:

If you don’t have a PSP, don’t fret: Beatmania’s US release for the PS2 is just over a month away. And if you want to learn more about that, why, there’s a [wiki page]( for that too!