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Dickinson’s Flickr Hypotheses

I would like to propose the following hypotheses:

1. Any photo uploaded to Flickr will fall within the guidelines of at least one Flickr group.
2. As time increases from 1 to n, the odds of a comment being posted asking the owner of any reasonably interesting photo to be added to at least one of said groups increases to 1-(1/n).

Some of the comments I have received supporting these hypotheses:

* [Invite to a group of only cats sniffing flowers]( – picture of Buttons in roses.
* [Invite to Photo Rights Mobilization group]( – picture of sign at WWDC with passing mention to wanting to avoid being bothered by security.
* [Invite to Interestingness group]( – picture one of my “most interesting” according to Flickr.
* [Invite to “The Continuum”]( – same picture as previous comment.
* [Invite to group about British Comedies]( – picture of me with Simon Pegg & Nick Frost
* [Invite to group involving “beautiful light”]( – picture taken out window of an airplane.