In Print: Working Mac – January 2007

I’m happy to announce that I’ve been published a second time for my Quicksilver work.

This time, you can find my contributions to a MacWorld article, entitled “Working Mac: Launch Your Productivity” in the January 2007 issue, which should be on newsstands now and online within the next month. The article covers tips using all three major launchers (Butler, LaunchBar, Quicksilver) for OS X. Dan Frakes and Rob Griffiths also contributed.

I realize, looking at the article, that it actually got chopped down from what I had originally written – which bodes well, I guess, for my ability to write lots about Quicksilver.

For those who missed my first printing, my original tutorial was published in O’Reilly’s [Mac OS X Panther Hacks](

I hope to be able to announce my third printed Quicksilver endeavor within the next month.