How Did I Get Here?

 Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
 Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
 Into the blue again, after the money’s gone
 Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground.

It’s been a very liquid two days for me.

 confluence |ˈkänˌfloōəns; kənˈfloōəns|
n. the junction of two rivers, esp. rivers of approximately equal width

Yesterday, I got in to work and after finishing off my morning routine (email catchup, chatter on jabber with coworkers to coordinate, looking over my project list), I paused. I thought to myself, “Hey, you know, given everything else, this would be a really good point to pick up the wiki project again.” For months, various members of our management had been talking about having a wiki. I was feeling the need, so I took a small chunk of time and went to work.

In terms of wiki products, I have been most feverish about Confluence. Yes, I know I’m using MediaWiki for the RemyWiki – but truth be told, I hate it. Never mind that Confluence has a ton of things (ACLs, LDAP integration, etc) that make it more appealing to my business side.

So, I install the standalone version, and it works just as well as the last time I tested it. And a mere three hours later, my boss mentions to me that we were supposed to be receiving a demo of Confluence from Atlassian that afternoon.



Jump ahead about ten hours. Me, sitting at home at my computer, reloading the iTunes counter over and over after carefully picking a few songs to buy so that I can at least try to be the person who buys the one billionth iTunes song.

I watch the counter get within 750,000 songs. Then 500,000. Then 300,000…and then I hear water running.

I turn around, and look at the kitchen area – there is a steady stream of water coming from the cabinet under the sink.

I shout loudly to wake Katie up (if you’ve ever been shouted awake, you know this is hell to deal with), and while I’m trying to get the landlords to come and help me figure out how to get this stopped, Katie is tasked with shutting all electronics off and picking cords up off the floor, as well as blocking the water with towels.

Five minutes later, we have the water off. About 50% of the floor in the main room has water on it – amazingly, none of the portions with a lot of electronics.

An hour and a half later, the landlords and I call it a night – most of the water has been mopped up, our large rug is in the garage hanging to dry, and a lot of towels are running through the dryer.

Needless to say, I did not buy song #1,000,000,000.


I returned home from work tonight, after spending more time today getting Confluence usable for our department, and started logging myself back in to my usual places and hangouts.

As what I hope will be the final coup de grace, the following occurs (RemyDWD is me) in an IRC channel I don’t frequently unidle in:

[7:09pm] Carlton: According to analytics, I average 
~1000 "visits" a day. Whatever the hell they are. On
that day it was about 30,000.
[7:10pm] RemyDWD: Carlton: "Visit" = one IP address
accessing multiple pages within 30 minutes of each 
page load
[7:10pm] Dossy: 30K visits from Digg?  DAMN.
[7:10pm] Dossy: carlton:  how many unique visitors?
[7:10pm] Dossy: carlton: you run ads?  your CTR stay
consistent? how much you profit?  :P
[7:11pm] Dossy: ?def carlton
[7:11pm] jibot: carlton is Charles Miller & his blog is at & in Sydney, Australia & 
on the Internet nobody knows you're a fish & currently 
ironing the bugs out of Yet Another Commercial Wiki at & jeanniecool's future 
spouse - well, one of 'em, at least & going to have to 
learn how to share & obsessed with his rodent ancestry
[7:11pm] Carlton: Heh, no ads.
[7:11pm] RemyDWD: Waaaait a minute
[7:11pm] Dossy: oh wow :)
[7:11pm] Dossy: that sucks :)
[7:11pm] RemyDWD: Carlton: What's your title at 
[7:11pm] Carlton: Confluence lead developer?

My life, everybody – give it a big hand.

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