Gothamist-Slice Pizza Party

Little Glass Jars

No Party Is Complete Without Tien With Food In His Mouth

The Party Rolls On

Truffle Pile-On

Tartufo Pizza

Signs of a good pizza party:

– Plenty of pizza for everyone.
– Lots of different kinds of pizzas, to keep everyone pleased.
– Unlimited beverages.
– Lots of conversation.
– Everyone leaves feeling disgustingly full and yet simultaneously happy.

If you missed the Gothamist-Slice Pizza Party, you missed out on one grand ol’ time. Many thanks to Adam, Jen, and Tien for arranging it, the staff of Fornino’s for impeccable service.

Oh, and my vote for the best pie – it’s a split between the Pesto (which had a real nice slow burn to it) and the 4 Formaggi, which had a perfect balance of all four cheeses. I know everyone was raving about the Tartufo (pictured above), but I’m not much for truffles. Regardless, I don’t want to eat another slice for at least a week.

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