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The Baron Breaks Free

A week from today marks the day I officially left Freeverse Software and moved into my current position at Weill Medical College.

During my tenure at Freeverse (which somehow lasted nearly five years), I had the chance to work on a [lot]( [of]( [games]( that I was proud to say I took part in the production of, even if my roles were nebulous and ill-defined.

But the one game I always held dearest to my heart was Wingnuts 2. The sequel to the first really notable commercial game Freeverse ever did, Wingnuts 2 was mandated to be bigger and better in practically every way.

More importantly (to me, anyway), I was tasked with game design. It’s the only game that I worked on that I sat down and worked out new gameplay elements, level progression, characters, enemies, and so on. Mark Anderson’s engine was amazing, and I couldn’t wait to explore the possibilities.

Of course, six months later I ended up leaving.

After I left Freeverse, I didn’t hear much about the game. They were busy, and justifiably so. I had always held out hope that someday, Wingnuts 2 would finally reach completion.

That day is today: [Wingnuts 2: Raina’s Revenge]( is finally available.

It is, for all intents and purposes, the very last Mac game I have ever – or likely will ever – work on. So if you have a Mac, give the trial a download. And look for my name in the credits.