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2005 Year In Review

In January, I [replaced my Sidekick with a Sidekick II](, [realized I had been online for 10 years](, [embarrassed myself at a Shaun Of The Dead signing](, [had an amusing IM conversation about my cat](, [got dripped on](, [went to a snowball fight in Central Park](, [celebrated one year of VJ Army](, and [rediscovered my favorite short story](

In February, I [took my first really good picture](, [rebuilt everything after my site got hacked](, [fixed a life-long health problem](, [surprised Katie on Valentine’s Day](, [saw Spamalot](, and [wrote another Quicksilver tutorial](

In March, I [witnessed a very hostile panel discussion at the MT&R](, [saw TMBG vs. McSweeney’s at the Allen Room](, [indirectly helped get a game to market](, [got the shit kicked out of me by a movie](, and [explained where the names of my websites came from](

In April, I [previewed the new NIN album](, [lost my faith in 24](, [had a very peculiar courtesy call](, [got dripped on again](, [was a “cool new person” on myspace](, and [played with Quartz Composer](

In May, I [rewrote my biography page](, [got sick to my stomach at work](, [acted as a photojournalist for a day](, [did a long legal analysis on Konami vs. Roxor](, [went to the Nintendo World launch](, [made my sleep-talking come alive with Photoshop](, [revealed 24 Season 5 spoilers](, and [went to a Gorillaz Q&A](

In June, I [saw Glengarry Glen Ross](, [went to Six Flags and did Kingda Ka](, [turned 25](, [transcribed the WWDC keynote]( and [tried to get developers not to panic](, [recorded videos at SVGL](, [had a bizarre Flickr moment](, [started a musical project](, [waxed ecstatic over PokerRoom](, [explained what I do for a living](, [illustrated the benefits of workblogging](, [captured a subway ride](, and [worried about the health of the city](

In July, I [took a stand against fanfic writers](, [went to the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest](, [found out what a competitive eater listens to](, [rallied against blog luddites in higher education](, [explained how to make your own workblog](, and [spent 4.5 hours at the Del Close Marathon](

In August, I [got the Shutterbugs bug](, [stood out in a thunderstorm](, [did the Monte Cristo](, [went to a Comedy Central taping and saw Ted Leo](, and [leaked a song online](

In September, I [canceled my New Orleans vacation](, [geeked the hell out over the DJ Shadow box set thing](, [explained how to download Taiko no Tatsujin PSP songs](, and [went to my first Channel 102 show](

In October, [my world shrunk just a bit more](, I [examined the new iPod Video files](, [my love for Pat Kiernan grew more](, [I took in the oddest music industry panel possible](, [took a week off](, [went to Eugene’s CD recording](, [mused on the mystery smell of ’05](, [told the tale of two comedy shows](, and revealed that [I am horrible at not cheating at games](

In November, I [saw NIN in concert](, [reviewed the Channel 102 November showing](, [laughed at Pengo](, [had a joke catch up with me a year and a half later](, and [schooled a street team](

In December, I [saw Ted Leo again](, [pondered the true name of my cat](, [walked to work](, [took another great picture](, and [caught the Lazy Sunday bug](

Other metrics of interest:

– [ Past Events](
– [Flickr: 2005 Photos](


Year In Review

January 2004:
We attempt to do Times Square for New Years.
I learned a lot of life lessons at MWSF.
I launched VJ Army.

February 2004:
I got served at Burger King.
I inadvertantly helped start the Importer War in the Bemani community.
I started making mashups using Traktor DJ Studio Pro.

March 2004:
I got my SideKick, forever screwing up my ability to live without one ever again.
We went to a 12 hour John Waters film marathon challenge. (Katie got a picture with him.)
The NYC area got its first IIDX machine.
After giggling over the antics of Gary Anthony Ramsey on NY1, I get emailed by Pat Kiernan and forever cementing NY1 as the best station ever.
Freeverse spends a day competing to find porn from our children’s web browser to test it’s limits. I lost.
I discover QuickSilver, and write a 10 minute tutorial at a time when the app has no documentation. This entry would be published in a book and be by far my most popular entry.

April 2004:
I had a Jesus moment.
I made a formal definition of the GET IT joke.
I saw Avenue Q and the Quantuum Tour in the same week.

May 2004:
We chased PacMan through the streets of Manhattan.
Buttons started to play IIDX, becoming notorious in the US IIDX community.
A friend of mine got married, and I wrote a(nother) one act play about the wedding DJ.

June 2004:
I turned 24 and got a sword.
I left my job at Freeverse, and started a position with Weill Cornell Medical College doing e-learning server administration.
I returned to San Francisco for WWDC.

July 2004:
We went to the Anchorman premiere. Hilarity ensues.
I wrote my first restaurant review list.

August 2004:
I started playing Pop’n Music in earnest.
Katie and I had our second anniversary.
I heavily snarked the NY Times.

September 2004:
Pop’n Navy launched.
I upgraded to an iMac G5.
I realized it’s been a good year for music.

October 2004:
I started using Flickr.
I owned some kids at work.
I met Alton Brown.
I went to see Ricky Gervais at the MTR.
I mused about New York Bagels.

November 2004:
I picked up Halo 2 with no fanfare.
I discovered funny cheese.
I took a personal day to celebrate two new Bemani releases.
I reviewed the uDevGames entries for 2004.

December 2004:
I updated my restuarant reviews.
I went to New Orleans and stole candy.
I went to Slice Club and went skating at Wollman Rink.
We celebrated Katie’s 25th birthday.
I had a data-tacular Christmas.
We went to Tinkle and saw Wilco.