Unable To Explain My Way Out Of This One

Yup. I got a sword.
The entire weekend has been a blur – a draining but unbelievably fun blur. Every muscle in my limbs aches horrible from music-game induced pain, or from the standing and walking from the benefit, or the shopping crawl today. My back is equally messed up, but I can firmly say that I’ve never enjoyed burning myself out so much.
Huge thanks to Don, Neil, Rachel, Jenno, Steve, Herbie, Manny, everyone who sent me a card or email or IM wishes or made an LJ post for me (way, way too many to list), everyone involved in the benefit show on Friday, my parents and my in-laws, and to the ironic corporate policies of Ruby Foo’s, who will rape you on prices but give you free champaign.
Biggest thanks of all to the long lost twin sisters Katie and Jenn, for keeping me from fulfilling the prophecy of a boring 24th birthday. I love the two of you dearly.
And that long post? Should be here in the next 48 hours.