Porn Day Recap

So, regarding Porn Day:

  • I did not win.
    • That honor was split between Steve and Ann.
    • I think I placed 3rd with about four positive hits.
  • It’s rather fascinating how many things Google is ineffective at filtering with SafeSearch on – like “creampies”.
    • My boss now knows what the previously mentioned term refers to.
      • I believe he emitted a loud “UGH” when he found out.
  • There are a handful of sites on the internet that are really, really hard to block. You couldn’t tell from the meager HTML source it was porn.
  • I’m happy to report that BumperCar is very effective at blocking kids from evil things at the default settings.
  • I added ICRA ratings to the root of my blog today – I figure that now that there’s a browser on the Mac that supports them, it’s not a horrible idea. I got a strange satisfaction from checking the “Content may set a bad example for children” button.

That’s all I’ve got for now; we’re probably doing another quick check tomorrow before we hopefully GM.