Christmas By The Terabyte

An alternative take on the blog-what-you-got-for-Xmas meme.

Assuming the following mappings to be true:

The average PS2 or Xbox DVD game has a capacity of 4.5 GB.

The average Gamecube game has a capacity of roughly 1.3 GB.

The average CD – be it audio or game – has a capacity of 700 MB.

The average movie DVD has a capacity of 9.0 GB.

The combined data capacity of my Christmas presents – just mine, not including Katie’s – is 288 GB. Now, I don’t know what percentage of that capacity is actually filled, but my impression is it’s close.

Ten years ago, the computer I was using (the infamous SE/30) had a 30 MB hard drive. Were I to segment all of the data I’ve acquired over the last 48 hours into 30 MB chunks, I would need 9,600 Mac SE/30s to contain it all.

Just a wee bit frightening.