Things Seen Or Otherwise Observed In New Orleans

What follows are hastily jotted down observations about New Orleans:
I passed a free standing building entitled “JAX DAX” – selling only daquaris. Well, there was a sign in the window for EGG NOG as well.
Sign for a business entitled “DOLLAR $NACK” – no idea what they were selling.
Passed Crescent City Baptist Schools, which was an elongated building – like a car dealership. Also helping this mentality: A large sign, with a logo and phone number, and in bold letters underneath: “OUR PRE-SCHOOL CHILDREN CAN READ – CAN YOURS?”
I saw at least three buildings labeled with “BLDG.” after their name. Apparently it’s easy to forget that buildings are buildings in Louisiana.
Another oddly named business: “Spa’n Tub World”. No space between the “spa” and the “‘n”. Still can’t figure out proper pronounciation of this.
Another business: “Big Fat Christmas Tree Company”.
Advertisement: CHRISTMAS ON BROADWAY. At the Baton Rouge Casino, which is arguably not on Broadway.
I went into the cleanest mall I’ve ever been into in my life – the Canal Place mall – which is like a miniature 5th Avenue. Lots of fashion designers and such, with a little indy theatre at the top. The only odd part? Two school buses were parked out in front of Sak’s 5th Avenue.
In another shopping stretch, a store entitled “Del Sol” – selling only hypercolor-style shirts and merchandise.
In the same mall, I walked by a fudge shop three times, not giving it any notice other than the smell of fudge eminating from it. On the fourth pass, I thought to myself – thinking I was being witty – “I wonder what they’re making at the fudgery!” I looked up – the place was, in fact, named “FUDGERY”. I left defeated by my own joke.
Fun at conferences at hotels: The fact that everyone uses the same shampoo. 150 heads all smelling of peppermint rosemary leads to some nice aromatherapy.
Strangeness of the W: The minibar contained an “intimacy kit”. Two condoms, tube of lube, and some antiseptic wipes. $10.
The casino across the street from the hotel had both “Winning For Dummies” and “Jeff Foxworthy You Might Be A Redneck” slots.
All that said, I enjoyed the area, and I hope to head back there sometime.