Play-Asia Comes Through

There’s been some debate in the Bemani community about where the best place to order IIDX 7th Style from is, with under three months left till the game ships and all. The two primary options are Himeya and Play-Asia. Let’s compare in light of events this week:
Himeya: $80
Play-Asia: $59.90
Shipping Price
For EMS shipping, last I checked:
Himeya: $20
Play-Asia: $16.30
When Do You Get Charged?
Himeya: On order.
Play-Asia: On ship.
Play-Asia offers a few bundles if you’re buying 7th Style with certain other games (6th Style, or DDRMAX2). Himeya does not.
Shipping Time
People who preordered Pop’n 9, as I’m writing this, have received it from Play-Asia, but not from Himeya (or NCSX).
There was concern about Play-Asia being able to get Konamistyle-only items. Play-Asia has stock of the Pop’n 9 Limited Edition, which is Konamistyle-only. Concern over.
So why exactly would anyone order it from Himeya? Come on, folks, this is simple.