John Waters – Live!

Here’s my attempt at live event blogging. Note that the purpose here isn’t so much to track the “thrill” of John Waters, but instead to blog my attempt at staying up in a theatre for 12 straight hours.
5:45 – we’re about halfway back in a line of 60 people. It has thankfully stopped raining. I get the feeling I might not get a cell signal inside the theatre, which means my next update would be whenever we leave. But hopefully I won’t have that issue.
10:00 – done with hairspray and polyester, Ccrybaby is next. Standing in the lobby between films right now. Not feeling tired yet, and just had a slice of pizza. WE CAN DO THIS.
10:05 – it should be noted that I just had to kick GameSmith…good thing I’ve got this SideKick.
12:32 – the lookalike contest was one of the most disorganized things ever. But John was a good sport about it. He is in the lobby being very socialable; Katie got a picture taken and our program signed. I’ll post them later. Not sure when Pink Flamingoes is starting but I’ll be amused to finally see it.
12:36 – When I get into the lobby to get a signal to post, there seems to be a verbal fight going on between the museum staff and some random people. Very odd.
4:28 – still here. Fell asleep through about half of Pink Flamingos, which was probably for the better as it wasn’t terribly entertaining. Got awake again during the breaks and made it through Pecker with no trouble. Now we just have to make it through Serial Mom and we can go home…
4:38 – Katie has gone into the “I am so tired I am delerious” mindset. She is shaking and giggly. This is amusing to me.
4:42 – Katie is crying and laughing simultaneously that she doesn’t ever want to watch TV again, and that she doesn’t want to see another movie for a year. She’s also considering calling her parents because “they’d be up by now”.
6:15 – We’re out. Freedom means chilly winds and a 8-block walk back to the subway.
6:33 – and we’re on the N, which has a shocking number of people on it for this hour in the morning. Katie wants to just drop dead, which is understandable. I, on the other hand, am caught in a weird limbo between being wide awake and wanting to sleep as soon as we get home.
I have to say, coming out of something like that – 12 hours in a dark room with light entertainment, being fed only salty/sweet things; all followed by stepping into a cold daylit NYC where there are very few cars and pedestrians – is almost like an alternate reality. Or at least, made me channel Insomnia a little bit.
Hopefully my sleep schedule won’t be completely fucked up because of this. I do have to agree with Katie’s assessment of not wanting to go to the movies again any time soon.
My eyes are starting to hurt so I’m going to wrap this up. Now all I need is to get above ground so I can edit this post one last time…