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A Weekend Of Ted And TAR

Saturday night was [Ted Leo & The Pharmacists at Webster Hall](

It's Alright

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

Ted's Feet

Sunday night was [TARCon XI](

Beauty Queens

Roping In Deana & Ray

John Vito & Drew
I am exhausted.


Ted Leo HR Interview

Will writes:

So I got to interview Ted Leo at work. I really dig his album Hearts of Oak, so I was pretty excited for this. Our idea was that since our regular host Sara was out of town that AOL sent a guy from HR to conduct the interview.

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Tracing “Cain”

Ted Leo - Blurry Hands

“We literally wrote this this morning.”

August 26th of 2005: a crowd of us gathered at the South Street Seaport watched as [Ted Leo and the Pharmacists]( played the one song of the night no one knew. No one sung along, no one lipped the words – we just listened. And I, in a moment of lucky forethought, held my camera aloft and [captured the whole thing](

The [MP3]( was at first labeled just “Untitled Ted Leo Song” – but soon [renamed]( to the best guess off the set list, “The Sons Of Cain”. After getting heckled by a fellow fan, I asked Ted for his (albeit late) permission to distribute; he was kind enough to grant it.

A few months later, the song was again performed on KEXP; the considerably better audio quality led to an MP3 of that making the rounds as well.

Both of the TL/Rx shows I went to after that featured Sons Of Cain on the setlist, and it was an odd feeling to hear it played live again – not only because I had played a role in people recognizing it, but because every new performance was a little more refined than the one I had heard prior.

It’s weird (and a bit possessive) to think about, but Sons Of Cain is the first new song Ted wrote for an album since I started listening to him. There’s a strong attachment there, as each new playing gets it closer to being “done”.

Skipping to the end: Pitchfork, in conjunction with Touch & Go, have released The Sons Of Cain as a free MP3, in preparation for the release of *Living With The Living* on March 20th.

All four versions I’ve come across on MP3 are below. So compare, contrast, and listen as the song evolves:

* [The Sons Of Cain: South Street Seaport, August 26th 2005]( (self-recorded)
* [The Sons Of Cain: KEXP, September 27th 2005]( ([source](
* [The Sons Of Cain: South Street Seaport, August 25th 2006]( ([source](
* [The Sons Of Cain: Album Version]( ([source](

As a special bonus option: I’ve mixed the four songs together, each version getting about a minute. Most of the difference in feel comes from the various recording methods, but you can still listen as the song evolves.

[Download The Sons Of Cain (Four Ways Mix)](

(thanks to [Alan Williamson]( for the inspiration for this post)