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A Weekend Of Ted And TAR

Saturday night was [Ted Leo & The Pharmacists at Webster Hall](

It's Alright

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

Ted's Feet

Sunday night was [TARCon XI](

Beauty Queens

Roping In Deana & Ray

John Vito & Drew
I am exhausted.

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TARcon X

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Tyler & James Win

Katie & The Winners

Kim's Captive Audience

While not quite reaching the epic fun levels of TARcon 9, TARcon X was a hit. Racers appeared, drinks were had, and we left happy.

[Flickr Photoset: TARcon X](


Possible TAR10 Spotting

Today, while in Manhattan, we *may* have seen a team in the current taping of TAR. I am not 100% sure, but comparing it to known information about the currently taping season, it seems to fit.

If you want to see the details – keeping in mind they could be spoilerific – check out [my post to TWOP](