Things Ian Holloway Does Not Like

Ian Holloway is the manager of Blackpool FC. He is very outspoken and entertaining during interviews.

Ian Holloway does not like the 2012 World Cup potentially being moved to the winter.

Ian Holloway does not like Wayne Rooney threatening to leave Manchester United.

Ian Holloway does not like getting fined by the FA for “fielding a weaker team”.


This Is Happening

After three years of touring, DJ gigs, and holing up in a Laurel Canyon mansion, LCD Soundsystem‘s third (possibly final) LP, This Is Happening, is coming out on May 17th. One could say I am “hyped”, but this would be understating my excitement.

They are also playing two shows at Terminal 5 the same week.


The Mid Bimonthly Weekender Weekend Weekender

I’m unsure if the joke is going to make much sense to people outside the NYC metro area, but here’s an attempt at background: the NY Times runs TV ads advertising “the Weekender“. The ad feels like a distant cousin of the old Apple “Switch” commercials, in that you have “regular” people talking about how many great things they can do by subscribing to a Friday/Saturday/Sunday edition of the Times.
I would embed a clip of it, but it is apparently too worthless an ad for anyone to even have put it onto YouTube.
So with that in mind, this ad from the newly opened 92Y Tribeca may fall flat if you haven’t seen the original: