My Art Direction Is Immaculate

About 5 minutes ago:

Mikey Watson: hurp halo 3
Dan Dickinson: Hurp burp durp
Dan Dickinson: I need to eat my pizza first
Mikey Watson: bullshit
Mikey Watson: eat it on the run, soldier
Dan Dickinson: Not sure if I can. This is some legendary pizza. The stuff of two hands, possibly three.
Mikey Watson: You are a goddamned coward, Marine.
Dan Dickinson: The guy who made it, he’s like some sort of master chef.
Mikey Watson: Sounds like one elite slice.
Mikey Watson: Almost brute-al. Do you grunt when you pick it up, because of its girth?
Dan Dickinson: I’m certainly mauling it.
Mikey Watson: We have to stop this.
Mikey Watson: Finish the slice.
Dan Dickinson: Oh fuck you.


Final Fantasy XII Potion Drink Ad

You may have heard a few months ago that there was going to be a “Potion” drink released alongside the long awaited Final Fantasy XII.
Suntory, makers of said drink, have posted what is presumably the TV advertisement for it. And if you’re any sort of geek that has ever played a Final Fantasy game, you will probably have a good laugh over this ad.

Best Of Explained

Another Quicksilver Tutorial: Gold Trigger

By this point, Quicksilver is a staple in the must-have applications for most OS X power users. It’s a feature packed, robust application with almost limitless potential to help you streamline your day to day computing tasks.

But even with the thousands and thousands of converts and evangelists, it’s hard to introduce someone new to Quicksilver. It’s difficult to describe, and even harder to train someone in. I learned this the hard way when I was showing the app to a fellow geek friend who, despite having heard a lot about QS, just couldn’t get her head around it.

The solution I found most effective is to latch onto a feature that based on my user sampling is woefully underused. It’s incredibly useful, so you’ll feel the effects of it immediately in your workflow. Best of all, it’s built on top of the subject-action-target model that QS is based on, so playing with it will grow your understanding of how Quicksilver works.

With that said, it’s time to fire up your copies of the [latest version]( and get ready to learn all about triggers.