My Art Direction Is Immaculate

About 5 minutes ago:

Mikey Watson: hurp halo 3
Dan Dickinson: Hurp burp durp
Dan Dickinson: I need to eat my pizza first
Mikey Watson: bullshit
Mikey Watson: eat it on the run, soldier
Dan Dickinson: Not sure if I can. This is some legendary pizza. The stuff of two hands, possibly three.
Mikey Watson: You are a goddamned coward, Marine.
Dan Dickinson: The guy who made it, he’s like some sort of master chef.
Mikey Watson: Sounds like one elite slice.
Mikey Watson: Almost brute-al. Do you grunt when you pick it up, because of its girth?
Dan Dickinson: I’m certainly mauling it.
Mikey Watson: We have to stop this.
Mikey Watson: Finish the slice.
Dan Dickinson: Oh fuck you.


Cheat To Win

Matt Fernandez (AIM) [7:29 PM]
Matt Fernandez (AIM) [7:29 PM] D=
Dan Dickinson (AIM) [7:29 PM] I did the same thing in 1998 against a girl I was playing Scrabble against online, using a program called X-Words Deluxe.
Dan Dickinson (AIM) [7:29 PM] I had bet the girl over the game; whoever lost would have to write the other an 8 page letter.
Matt Fernandez (AIM) [7:30 PM] I did not know this existed
Matt Fernandez (AIM) [7:30 PM] ahahaha
Dan Dickinson (AIM) [7:30 PM] I won, obviously.
Dan Dickinson (AIM) [7:30 PM] She wrote me the letter.
Matt Fernandez (AIM) [7:30 PM] That is so amazing
Dan Dickinson (AIM) [7:30 PM] A year later, I would admit to cheating.
Matt Fernandez (AIM) [7:30 PM] I am gonna hustle people at scrabble now
Dan Dickinson (AIM) [7:30 PM] She would hit me repeatedly.
Dan Dickinson (AIM) [7:30 PM] Three years later, we got married.
Matt Fernandez (AIM) [7:30 PM] =O
Matt Fernandez (AIM) [7:30 PM] That’s so romantic
Dan Dickinson (AIM) [7:30 PM] Shortly after that, I started working full time for the company that made X-Words Deluxe.
Dan Dickinson (AIM) [7:30 PM] I would tell my bosses this story.
Dan Dickinson (AIM) [7:30 PM] They would laugh.
Dan Dickinson (AIM) [7:31 PM] And that concludes Dan Anecdote Hour.