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Buttons, 2003 – 2019

This is the latest in the continuing series of me saying goodbye to things I love.

This morning, I had to say goodbye to the cat who changed my life.


Tokyo 2009: Cat Room Chamamo

While we’re away, we’re lucky enough to have friends in our building looking after poor ol’ Buttons. But after glancing at a picture of him being kept company, we pouted *just* a little. It’s hard being on the other side of the world from a beloved pet.

But we must not forget: this is Tokyo, where there is a solution to nearly any problem. So when serendipity struck in Harajuku in the form of a perfectly placed advertisement, we knew what we had to do.

Cat Room Chamamo

On the fifth floor of a nondescript building half a block south of the (closing) flagship Gap store sits Cat Room Chamamo. It is a cat café, providing visitors a chance to play with any/all of the nine resident cats for a nominal fee. Drinks and light snacks are also available.

There are prerequisites and rules, of course – mandatory hand washing and sanitizing, no picking up the cats, no outside food, etc. But you do get your choice of complimentary cat toys to use to attract the attention of the cats.

Cat Room Chamamo

Leaning Out The Window

Nap With A View

Play Time

Is it a silly way to pass the time? Sure. But I love the idea that if you are away from home, unable to own a pet, or otherwise animal deprived, there’s a place you can go that directly solves that problem.

Katie and Miruku

Count us as fans. A few more pictures are up on Flickr.

(For people with other tastes in pets, you can rent a dog at Odaiba’s Puppy The World, or have a stop at popular bunny cafe Usagi To Cafe in Nagoya.)

Found Reflected

There Are No “Mouse” Puns In This Post

Computer Cat

Buttons is a modern, technologically savvy cat. He often uses Katie’s laptop, and not just because it’s a source of heat.

Send Folder "mmmmmmm" to Internet Moniker

He also enjoys it because it allows him to send files to his friends on the internet. Here you can see that – with no intervention or assistance from us – he is attempting to create a folder named “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” and send it to one of the people on Katie’s IM list.

Power Feline User

I suppose after becoming a minor Bemani icon, a CIA agent, and a doctor, nothing should surprise me about this cat. But he’s like the gift that keeps on giving.