The Endless Struggle Between Good And Evil

Recently, I meander back to my computer and see this in an IM window:

o0sonny0o (11:10 PM): HEY!
o0sonny0o (11:10 PM): I want to talk to you.
o0sonny0o (11:10 PM): My friend, KirbyKirbyKirby told me about you
o0sonny0o (11:10 PM): I know everyone believes about your cat being able to play IIDX, but you have to admit, its all a hoax.
o0sonny0o (11:10 PM): Its actually the most untrue thing I’ve ever heard in my whole life.

You may recall, many months ago, I posted some alleged photos of my cat playing Beatmania IIDX. They become one of those nice inside jokes in the US IIDX community.

Forgive me, friends, for I have sinned.

Dan Dickinson (11:30 PM): Uh…
Dan Dickinson (11:30 PM): Okay.
Dan Dickinson (11:30 PM): Anything else?
o0sonny0o (11:31 PM): Well, I’m just wondering.
o0sonny0o (11:31 PM): Is it true?
o0sonny0o (11:31 PM): Seriously, tell the truth.
Dan Dickinson (11:32 PM): Is it so hard to believe?
o0sonny0o (11:32 PM): Yes.
o0sonny0o (11:32 PM): Could you just tell me?
o0sonny0o (11:32 PM): like…..For me, would you be able to take video footage or your cat actually playing it? Not just 4 pictures of its face?
o0sonny0o (11:32 PM): or pictures of it actually playing it
Dan Dickinson (11:33 PM): If I had a camcorder, sure.
Dan Dickinson (11:33 PM): Unfortunately, I don’t.
o0sonny0o (11:33 PM): well, could you take pictures?
Dan Dickinson (11:33 PM): The next time he plays, sure.
o0sonny0o (11:33 PM): -_-
Dan Dickinson (11:33 PM): Right now he’s a little busy licking himself.
o0sonny0o (11:33 PM): lol
o0sonny0o (11:33 PM): How is it possible for a cat to work a turntable?
Dan Dickinson (11:33 PM): He’s got nails, he just digs them in. It’s only plastic.
o0sonny0o (11:34 PM): Hmm…
o0sonny0o (11:34 PM): But
o0sonny0o (11:34 PM): Cats are colorblind.
Dan Dickinson (11:35 PM): What difference does that make?
o0sonny0o (11:35 PM): Well, how would it know which buttons to press (since their colored) if he was colorblind?
Dan Dickinson (11:35 PM): Color blind means you don’t see color. You see greyscale. The keys are black and white.
o0sonny0o (11:36 PM): oh.
Dan Dickinson (11:36 PM): The notes on the screen, I’d imagine, look white and somewhat dark.
Dan Dickinson (11:36 PM): Colorblind isn’t the same as totally blind. �Sheesh.
o0sonny0o (11:36 PM): Yeah I know
o0sonny0o (11:36 PM): I just thought they were colored for some reason
Dan Dickinson (11:36 PM): Do you actually play IIDX?
o0sonny0o (11:36 PM): No.
Dan Dickinson (11:36 PM): Ah.
o0sonny0o (11:36 PM): But I know how it works
o0sonny0o (11:36 PM): Hmm…
o0sonny0o (11:36 PM): How would a cat be able to move his hands so fast?
Dan Dickinson (11:37 PM): Aren’t cats reknown for having quick reflexes?
o0sonny0o (11:37 PM): Yeah but, that must be a pretty damn smart cat.
o0sonny0o (11:37 PM): If it can match whats on the screen to the actual buttons.
Dan Dickinson (11:38 PM): We’re very proud of him.
o0sonny0o (11:38 PM): =
Dan Dickinson (11:39 PM): Any more questions?
o0sonny0o (11:39 PM): K, whatever, I still dont believe it unless I see better pictures, but no, I do not have any more questions.
Dan Dickinson (11:39 PM): Alright, well, I’ll see what I can do.
o0sonny0o (11:39 PM): Thanks for your time.
Dan Dickinson (11:39 PM): Oh no, thank you.