Buttons Story #2

Everyone has been telling me how good the last Buttons story was, and the cat has been deprived of bloggy attention as of late. And hey, he just unofficially turned 1 – we don’t know when his exact birthday is due to whoever dropped him at the SPCA not giving them said info. So here’s another Butt-Butt story.
We bought a futon when we got our place in Ithaca, because we needed a couch AND a bed for when company comes. Got a nice one, and my mom bought us a cover that looks nice and is sufficiently heavy duty and all of that. It was only after we got Buttons that we realized the futon cover was also of the consistency that’s perfect for cat clawing – not only because Buttons goes nuts for it, but because it really doesn’t tear or rip or look odd after he’s clawed it. So we’ve never cared much.
After the move to NYC, Buttons had to get re-acquainted with things and find new ways to keep himself entertained now that I wasn’t going to be around all day. Many of the windows are high and not a great view, so that’s become a less interesting option for him. Closets are lots of fun but as usual filled with crap. Laundry bags are interesting but not around often enough. So what’s a poor lonely cat to do?
Apparently get recruited by the CIA. There’s a small lip of cushion that hangs off the front of the futon, maybe 3 inches wide. Buttons has gotten in the habit of walking under the lip, flipping over, attaching his claws to the underside of the cushion, and ceiling-walking across the couch. His legs are just long enough so that he IS suspended in the air by an inch or so. If he gets to the other end and he’s not bored, he will turn around – still in midair – and go back the way he came. This will repeat until he gets bored and runs off on his own or someone hits the alarm (which involves looking at him) and he runs back to base with a FISSION MAILED.
It’s worth noting he doesn’t care if anyone is sitting on the couch at the time, he honestly couldn’t care either way. So in conclusion, yes, my cat is nuts – in a good way.