A Weekend In Portland

Leaving For Portland On A Rainy Day

On Friday morning, Katie and I left for Portland, Oregon. We got back to Jersey City this afternoon. We enjoyed it thoroughly.


Vacation Postcard

Dear World,

I’ll have you know I am most enjoying my week off. My percentage of vacations being at least slightly derailed continues to hold at 100%, although to be fair it was not a complete derail this time, nor am I in any way miffed or upset by the circumstances.

I’ve had two lovely, relaxing days strolling around NYC with [Suw]( in her post-conference state, and I am lucky to have another two or so ahead. I do find it slightly odd how we endlessly have blog-related matters to debate, as I typically don’t find much cause to talk about blogging with the people around me – but no matter. (Suw’s recap of today was also [just posted](

I’ve also been finding myself purchasing a number of items I had been looking forward to – a new [iPod Video](, [The Warriors](, and Shadow Of The Colossus. To capsule review all three:

– The iPod fills all the major gaps in functionality I had with my existing iPod (album art, battery life, click wheel, another 20GB of space) and the video capability is a nice bonus. My only major complaint is the lack of a remote port. Oh well. Full review coming next week.
– The Warriors, while not a perfect game, is probably the most enjoyable beat-em-up I’ve played since Final Fight. I just tore through the movie tonight, and Rockstar really has got it down to an almost uncanny degree. Full review coming in the near future.
– Shadow of the Colossus deserves to be sleeper hit of the year. I don’t have the patience to play it for long stints of time with company around, but I’ve burned through the first two colossi, and this game is a huge breath of fresh air. Anyone who appreciates games as more than mere entertainment – and who can stand a game that discourages ADD-style playing – owes it to themselves to pick this up.

I apologize for the lack of pictures as of late; I seem to have lost my battery charger for my camera, and I am nearly out of juice. I will be running to the Sony store any day now to buy a new one, I promise.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Keep in touch, won’t you?

Warm regards,



By now, it’s obvious that my fears about the fate of New Orleans were justified, that government on all levels have failed the people trapped there, and that the city will never be the same. But we must carry on; alternate plans must be made while the city rebuilds, repairs, regrows.

We will instead be taking our very short vacation in Ithaca, at my parents’ house. While Ithaca is not a tourist destination in nearly every sense, it will provide familiarity and a chance to get out of the city. We depart tomorrow evening, and return Sunday afternoon. I will be delayed in response to most forms of interaction.

I hope and pray, though, that New Orleans will eventually return to the state it once was, so I can return and do the things I intended to do.