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The Lead Story On A Slow News Day

So yesterday, there was a big snow storm. Most of the East Coast freaked out, which is somewhat reasonable for getting over a foot of snow in about 12 hours.
Today, there was word going around that there was going to be some sort of geek snowball fight. At first glance, I was a little put off – one VC emailing a tech mailing list does not a snowball fight make. I was strong armed by (close friend) Alexandra Klasinski to show up, and so we trudged out of our warm apartment into the very snowy world.

Tech Snowball Fight


Pat’s Papers Launches

One of things I miss most about being in NYC proper anymore is not having NY1 on my cable box. The TV in our bedroom rarely would change off of NY1, especially in the morning when Pat Kiernan would provide a very calming (and slightly sarcastic) take on the news. (My love of NY1 in the past was noted by Mr. Kiernan.)

Pat – who if you’re outside NYC, you probably know best from VH1’s World Series Of Pop Culture – also happens to be on Facebook, and today let all his friends know of his newest endevour: Pat’s Papers. No longer limited to reading just the NYC papers, Pat’s going national.

Being once again able to have Pat read the papers to me in the morning is a great joy. (Pat has also mentioned that a podcast version is coming soon.)


London Explosions Quick Coverage Links

– [BBC News summary]( of the bombing.
– [Guardian Eyewitness Reports]( are useful.
– [Londonist coverage]( – all of their staff is out reporting, so it’s been particular quick and up to date.
– A [Technorati search for “london explosions”]( will give you all relevant blog posts.
– WikiNews has [particularly good coverage](, as [does Wikipedia proper](
– [London Bomb Blast pool on Flickr]( for related photos.

My thoughts and prayers are with those in London today.