Tokyo 2009: Prelude

Quarter to ten. Which means if I go to sleep now, I’ll get about five hours of sleep before my alarm jolts me back awake. Better make this quick.

Tomorrow at 7AM begins our long awaited trip to Tokyo. The trip out will push us so far through space and time that we will not land until 5:30 PM Monday, local time. The trip back on January 3rd will equally distort reality, taking an effective eighty-eight minutes after time zone changes.

Regarding the previously promised Project Moon Language: thanks to Rosetta Stone’s goofy DRM and our series of hardware failures, in combination with my brilliant plan to take six eCornell courses during the same span of time, and you get me knowing next to zero Japanese. I have been assured this will not be the end of the world.

Obviously, this is an exciting time to fly internationally. As someone who wearily adheres to whatever the TSA Rule Of The Day is, I look forward to seeing what sort of hoops I will have to jump through both coming and going.

Finally, expect an absurd number of photos, a reasonable number of blog posts, and a less-than-average number of Twitter messages. Adjust/monetize feeds accordingly.
See you all from the other side of the world, soon.