Four Pack Of Mashups

I’m frequently scouring the net for the latest and greatest in mashups and bootlegs, and this week I’ve struck pure gold with four fantastic tracks. So, to share the love, here’s some recommendations:

WHO: [Boppledanger](
WHAT: Requiem For An Usher
HOW: Usher’s *Yeah!* crossed with Clint Mansell’s *Summer Overture*. That’s right. The theme from *Requiem For A Dream*.
WHY: Sure, *Yeah!* had a nice hook of an instrumental before, but it’s 10x better as a power ballad.

WHO: [DJ Earworm](
WHAT: [Policy Of Sweet Dreams](
HOW: Eurythmic’s *Sweet Dreams* blended into Depeche Mode’s *Policy Of Truth*
WHY: You take two great synthpop hits of the 80’s like this, and you have to wonder why you never realized why they fit together so well before.

WHO: [Party Ben](
WHAT: [(Triple) Freak Me Out](
HOW: It’s a three way dance: Chic’s *Good Times* plus The Beasties’ *Triple Trouble* plus Franz Ferdinand’s *Take Me Out*
WHY: *Good Times* is one of the classics of disco; the first song sampled into hip-hop (see: Rapper’s Delight). *Triple Trouble* is the most mashed Beasties song in the last year, and who can blame the scene: it’s a good old-school style Beasties rap. And *Take Me Out* needs no explanation. Ain’t no party like a Party Ben party.

WHO: [Lionel Vinyl](
WHAT: Danger! Hard Lola
HOW: Another threesome: Shapeshifter’s *Lola’s Theme* vs. Busta Rhymes’ *Dangerous* vs. Daft Punk’s *Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger*
WHY: Because this is the best one of the four. I am a sucker for Busta Rhymes in the proper context. I am an even bigger sucker for modern disco house. And I like Daft Punk just fine. This is seven minutes and thirty seconds of audio sex.