VJA Radio #2

Four months ago, I embarked on a not-so-epic project: I would slap together playlists to provide 12 hours of music, and then stream it all out of my home machine while I was at work so the sorts of people who read this blog would have something to enjoy throughout the day.

Surprisingly, the first one was relatively well received. After months of contemplation, I’ve thrown together eight new themed playlists, totaling eleven hours and forty-four minutes of music on tap for when I’m ready to stream it next.

The date and time will be **this Friday, April 8th, from 8:00 AM EDT to 7:45 PM EDT**. The link will, as always, be posted on the front page of I’ve been told this time I might have one of them nifty reflector things to maximize the bandwidth use.
Below is the tenative schedule of the segments; I’ve tried to minimize the overlap of tracks used last time and this time, but there’s only so much I can do to prevent it. Hope you all enjoy it.

8:00 – 8:50 | **Morning Rockout**
*Bounce your way to work.*

8:50 – 9:58 | **Bemani Semi-Rarities**
*The most obscure Bemani stuff I can find.*

9:58 – 11:34 | **Best Of The 90’s**
*It’s like a middle school dance all over again. “Best” being very subjective, of course.*

11:34 – 1:36 | **Get Your Bootleg On – Again**
*More mashups, bootlegs, samples, and a Sixx Mixx thrown in for good measure.*

1:36 – 2:41 | **Hip Hop For The Discerning Listener**
*Another visit to my odd tastes in hip-hop.*

2:41 – 3:44 | **Nap Attack**
*Downtempo to relax you during during that crucial post-lunch time slot.*

3:44 – 5:19 | **Work It Out**
*Driving beats to finish off your work week to.*

5:19 – 7:44 | **Electromix**
*A hodgepodge of electronic music. House, trance, who knows what else? All the stuff I’ve been listening to lately that hasn’t been played yet.*