The List, Summer 2010 Edition

I am occasionally brow-beaten about my inability to tell people about awesome things that may be coming up. Here, then, is the list of public events I am attending over the summer and early fall.

LCD Soundsystem (w/ Holy Ghost)

May 20th, 8PM
Terminal 5

Fresh off releasing their third album, This Is Happening, James/Pat/Nancy are coming back home for a four day stint of “standing in front of people doing things loudly” at Terminal 5. This will be my first show at Terminal 5, and I have not heard one positive word said about the venue. It will be difficult for this to compare to the Music Hall of Williamsburg show a few months back, but it should do. LCD Soundsystem is fantastic live, and you should make every effort to see them if they’re in your town.

LCD Soundsystem Afterparty

May 21st, 11PM-?
DJ Set Afterparty Thing
Highline Ballroom

Just announced by James yesterday, apparently there is some all-hours-of-the-night thing going on Saturday night where most everyone from LCDSS will be doing DJ sets. $5 tickets meant instabuy.

Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon

May 27th, 7:30 PM
Panel Discussion
Paley Center for Media

While I am not a frequent watcher of Fallon’s show, he seems to have found his footing relatively well and is churning out bits that are worth watching. Added bonus: the panel moderator will be Brian Williams.

The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour

June 1st, 8PM
Radio City Music Hall

Conan O’Brien returns to NYC, on the same block as NBC. We will be laughing, because crying would be sad.

An Evening With Ted Danson

June 3rd, 6:30 PM
Panel Discussion/Dinner
Paley Center for Media

When we attended the Bored To Death panel late last year, we were blown away by Ted Danson’s sense of humor and general perspective on television. The Paley Center is doing a special event just for him, so we felt like it was unmissable. We are also redeeming our membership benefit to attend the PALEY AFTER DARK dinner afterwards. I believe this means I’m having dinner with Ted Danson. This still hasn’t sunk into my brain yet.

Big Apple BBQ Block Party

June 12th & 13th
Madison Square Park

It’s an annual tradition – and that reminds me, I need to buy my fastpass.

Hot Chip / Hercules & Love Affair / Holy Ghost!

August 4th, 5:30 PM
Central Park Summerstage

Three DFA artists, two of which I love, one fantastic outdoor venue. Hot Chip’s new album is wonderful; I saw Andy Butler from H&LA spin last year but it will be refreshing to see the whole band. Summerstage concerts are some of my favorite concerts of the year – there’s something very relaxing about seeing a band in Central Park.

Electric Zoo

September 4th & 5th
Music Festival
Randall’s Island

My beloved All Points West is seemingly canceled this year. In its stead, we are doubling down on the second edition of Electric Zoo, the electronic-focus music festival which was a fantastic spur-of-the-moment decision for us last year. Performers I care about include Major Lazer, Benny Benassi, John Digweed, Boyz Noise, Diplo, and Flying Lotus. You might also care about The Chemical Brothers, Paul Van Dyk, Richie Hawtin, or Armin Van Buuren. A few more remain to be announced, so the lineup might get even better.

The Pee-wee Herman Show

Stephen Sondheim Theater

Just announced as coming to NYC. There’s no way I’m missing this.


I Dig Big Pig Gig

There are a handful of events in life that are so enjoyable, you can only write about it in the hopes that everyone else will get a chance to try it. This was one of those events.

Mid Big Pig Gig

Friday night, we took part in the [Big Pig Gig]( at Daisy May’s BBQ. [Tien]( was the organizer and ringleader; the crowd was predominantly *bloggy*.

The meal we had ordered consisted of both the whole pig as well as a whole pork butt, six sides, texas toast, and watermelon. Even with eighteen people there, this was a lot of food. No one left in a state resembling “hungry”.

As for the food: If you enjoy barbecue, you must do this at least once in your life. Hand-pulling the steaming hot meat right off the pig – dredging it in sea salt or a mustard-based sauce, or just downing it straight – is satisfying in ways I didn’t think was possible. (Unfortunately, the skin was absurdly chewy. Despite its deliciousness, it’s requires a little too much effort to eat.) The sides were heavenly: baked beans that almost resembled a chili, given the amount of pork; perfect mashed potatoes; a deliciously zingy coleslaw.

I recommend sitting close to the pig, as I had the chance to do – it’s quite pleasant to randomly pick off pieces of meat from different areas. Meg kept exclaiming “Ooh, there’s more meat *here*!” from the opposite side, so I am not alone in the excitement of pork discovery.

Daisy May’s does, of course, have a [regular menu]( too, so don’t think you have to show up and just get a giant pig. I will have to test their promises of delivering to anywhere in Manhattan one of these days.

From others that were there:

* Jake’s got [pictures.](
* Tien’s got [pictures]( as well as a [post](
* Jen’s got [pictures.](


TARcon 9 (And More!)

TARcon - The Bar

Further Tension

Katie with Mojo

Katie and BJ

Phil Drinks Down!

Getting The Check

I’ve spent eight out of the last twenty-four hours of my life bringing my Amazing Race obsession to a head – first with TARcon 9, the Television Without Pity viewing party, and then with the CBS Early Show (where the checks were handed out).

I’d write more, but I’m really exhausted – so I’ll just point you to the photoset and let you peruse at your leisure. Big thanks to everyone who put TARcon together – it was completely worth the money.

[Photoset: TARcon 9 / The Early Show](