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Last night, The Go! Team rocked the ever-loving shit out of Brooklyn.


Paley Center Fall Schedule

I hold three museum memberships within the city; the one I hold most dearly is my membership to the Paley Center for Media, formerly the Museum of Television and Radio. They just announced their fall schedule, and the events are worth looking at.

(Ticket prices are listed with member prices first, and non-member prices second. Ticket on-sale dates differ depending on a few factors, so check the website if you’re interested.)


Media as News & Views

Includes three seminars: Beyond the Anchor Desk: The Rise of Citizen Journalism , Extraordinary Work: A Conversation with the IWMF Courage in Journalism Honorees, and Truth and the Iraq War: Frank Rich Converses with Television Journalists. Notable panelists and guests include Andrea Mitchell and Dan Rather. Series is $35/60, individual events are $15/25. [link]

Media as Entertainment 1

Includes four seminars: An Evening with Mary Tyler Moore, An Evening with Glenn Close, An Evening with Angela Lansbury, and An Evening with Kyra Sedgwick and The Closer. I don’t think I need to tell you who the guests are. Series is $85/100, individual tickets are $25/35. [link]

Media as Entertainment 2

Includes three seminars: Upright Citizens Brigade, Fun Facts, Top Tens, and Stupid Humans: The Writers of Late Show with David Letterman, and Scrubs: The Farewell Tour. Guests include all four members of the UCB and seemingly all major cast members of Scrubs. Tickets are a steal: $35/60 for series, $15/25 individual. [link]


This year’s docfest includes some notables: To Die In Jerusalem, Larry Flynt: The Right to be Left Alone (Larry Flynt appearing for Q&A), and Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who, where Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend are scheduled to attend the event. Many ticket configurations are available, so check the site. [link]


(Yeah, I don’t live in LA, but I always get jealous at their festival schedule.)

Latino Media

Two events: Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal, Diego Luna & Pablo Cruz on Cinema, Politics, and Mexico’s New World View, and Raising Cane: Behind the Scenes. Prices are $25/43 for the series, or $15/25 individually. [link]

Media as Entertainment 1

The most mainstream of the four Entertainment schedules: Two and a Half Men: 100th Episode Celebration , American Masters Premiere: Carol Burnett, Inside the Creative Process: Tom Selleck on Jesse Stone, and ER Celebrates the Big 300!. Series is $50/85, individual tickets are $15/25. [link]

Media as Entertainment 2

Here comes my jealousy: Inside Robot Chicken (Seth and Matt and others to appear), Lovin’ Las Vegas, A Night in Hell’s Kitchen (Gordon Ramsay appearing), and the duality of Scrubs: The Farewell Tour. Series for $50/85, individuals for $15/25. [link]

The Subject Is Media

Just two, and not what I had anticipated: Smoke and Sympathy: A Toast to Mad Men, and Back in Circulation: A Lou Grant Reunion. Can’t go wrong with Ed Asner. $25/43 for both, or $15/25 individually. [link]


Three Shows To Catch

“Dude, why didn’t you fucking tell me about that show?! I would’ve bought tickets!”

I may not go to many shows – compared to [some of my friends](, anyway – but I still hear this a lot. The ones I do go to end up inevitably being the ones other people care about – such as the Daft Punk show this past Thursday.

In the grand list of concerts I have been to, the Daft Punk show easily ranks into the top 3, if not right at the top. Ninety minutes of robot music and robot light-show lead to the biggest positive vibe a group of people filling a minor league baseball stadium could have.

So to make it up for those people who missed the Daft Punk show, here are the three major shows I’m hitting over the next two months. If these appeal to you, I recommend you get your tickets **now**.

## Underworld

Long before Daft Punk build their pyramid, Underworld was conquering the world with epic sets and elaborate VJ work. Sure, Darren Emerson has long since left – but if the Sunshine soundtrack is anything to go on, their upcoming *Oblivion with Bells* is sure to please. You know you need to hear Born Slippy.NUXX live – *especially* in Central Park.

Friday, September 14th – 4:30 PM at Central Park [Upcoming] [Tickets @ Ticketweb] [wikipedia/Underworld (Band)]

## The Chemical Brothers

While The Chems have been overly consistent with their albums – they are known for putting on one hell of a party. Even with the lackluster *We Are The Night*, they have enough big beat in their arsenal to shake the floor all night long. Insert obligatory *Block Rockin’ Beats* reference here. If you’re not big on Hammerstein, they’re playing McCarren Pool the next day.

Friday, September 21 – 8PM @ Hammerstein Ballroom [Upcoming] [Tickets @ Ticketmaster] [wikipedia/The Chemical Brothers]

## Arcade Fire + LCD Soundsystem @ Randall’s Island

I am not going to even pretend to be the world’s biggest Arcade Fire fan – but thousands of bloggers and indie rockers most likely can’t be wrong. David Byrne and David Bowie certainly can’t be wrong. If you’re looking for an elaborate show with lots of lush instrumentation and heady lyrics, this is the show to hit.

It is hard to describe how much I love LCD Soundsystem. At the risk of sounding like a complete wanker, I can only offer the following: *Sound Of Silver* is one of only two albums I have purchased on a physical CD this year. And out of those two albums, it’s the only one I loved. LCD’s live show is not to be missed.

Saturday, October 6th – 3:30PM @ Randall’s Island [] [Tickets @ Ticketmaster] [wikipedia/Arcade Fire]

(Picture credits, in order: Janelle Gunther, mactiste iPons, confusedvision, mediaeater, DFA Records. All photos licensed under Creative Commons.)