Steve Garvey Celebrity Requiem: Cheap Seats Is Dead

The word has come from AST: [Cheap Seats]( will be [no more after this season](

Allow me this moment; the show has provided me so many late night laughs, it’s hard to fathom that I’ll have to face next season without it.
In the end, Cheap Seats will have lasted [77 episodes]( – more than I think anyone could’ve expected from a show on at a ridiculously late hour on a channel that doesn’t have wide distribution. You’ve done good, Sklars.

There are five new episodes left. If you’d like to watch the finale, it will air on ESPN Classic at 11:30 PM on – as if a date could be more fitting given my interests – November 20th.


The Greatest News in the History of the iTunes Music Store

Cheap Seats now available on iTMS.


The Two Most Important Shows On Television

Yes, the Emmy’s sucked. But there is salvation ahead, for tonight, the two most important shows on television return for their third seasons.

## Arrested Development

Whatever reason you have for not watching this show is invalid. It’s got a fantastic cast, great cameos, the best writing on television, more jokes per minute than any other comedy in years, and might even teach you a thing or two about leaving a note.

**Arrested Development** debuts tonight at 8PM on Fox. You can find more details online at

## Cheap Seats

What MST3K was to movies, Cheap Seats is to shitty ESPN footage. Randy and Jason Sklar are fan-fucking-tastic at ripping apart every random “sporting event” under the sun – ice motorcycle racing, spelling bees, arm wrestling, cliff diving, Scrabble competitions, World Series of Poker…and yes, tonight they’ll be taking on the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition from 2004. Add in a veritable who’s who of comedians doing guest bits (Jon Benjamin! Michael Showalter! Mike Bleiden! Ed Helms! Ian Roberts! [Eugene Mirman](!) and you’ve got a half an hour on ESPN that even people who hate sports can enjoy.

**Cheap Seats** is on ESPN Classic at 10PM, although episodes occasionally air on ESPN2. You can learn so much more at