Steve Garvey Celebrity Requiem: Cheap Seats Is Dead

The word has come from AST: [Cheap Seats]( will be [no more after this season](

Allow me this moment; the show has provided me so many late night laughs, it’s hard to fathom that I’ll have to face next season without it.
In the end, Cheap Seats will have lasted [77 episodes]( – more than I think anyone could’ve expected from a show on at a ridiculously late hour on a channel that doesn’t have wide distribution. You’ve done good, Sklars.

There are five new episodes left. If you’d like to watch the finale, it will air on ESPN Classic at 11:30 PM on – as if a date could be more fitting given my interests – November 20th.


Forth The July

The sites! The sound! The spectacle! The sweet sweet buns!

> On July 4, 2005, the eyes of the world will focus on Coney Island, NY, for what is believed to be the 90th installment of the [Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest]( Four-time world champion Takeru Kobayashi of Japan will look to make history as he defends his title against top eaters from around the globe.

We are leaving shortly to hone in on Coney Island. The event is being [televised LIVE on ESPN]( at noon EST. If you’re really dying to see me on TV while small asian people pound down hotdogs, this is your best opportunity.

EDIT: We’re here. We are on the right side of the stage, on Surf Av, behing the espn commentators booth. I am standing next to a large black guy in a black hat – Katie is in front of us on the fence. Shouldn’t be hard to see.