Dr. Buttons the Caregiver

Dr. Buttons the Caregiver

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As much as Buttons relies on me for food / water / litter cleaning, he loves to cling to Katie. And mysteriously, he seems to know just what Katie needs in the way of attention.

Yup, he’s gently hugging the foot that Katie injured. Cutest thing I’ve ever seen him do.


The Endless Struggle Between Good And Evil

Recently, I meander back to my computer and see this in an IM window:

o0sonny0o (11:10 PM): HEY!
o0sonny0o (11:10 PM): I want to talk to you.
o0sonny0o (11:10 PM): My friend, KirbyKirbyKirby told me about you
o0sonny0o (11:10 PM): I know everyone believes about your cat being able to play IIDX, but you have to admit, its all a hoax.
o0sonny0o (11:10 PM): Its actually the most untrue thing I’ve ever heard in my whole life.

You may recall, many months ago, I posted some alleged photos of my cat playing Beatmania IIDX. They become one of those nice inside jokes in the US IIDX community.

Forgive me, friends, for I have sinned.

Dan Dickinson (11:30 PM): Uh…
Dan Dickinson (11:30 PM): Okay.
Dan Dickinson (11:30 PM): Anything else?
o0sonny0o (11:31 PM): Well, I’m just wondering.
o0sonny0o (11:31 PM): Is it true?
o0sonny0o (11:31 PM): Seriously, tell the truth.
Dan Dickinson (11:32 PM): Is it so hard to believe?
o0sonny0o (11:32 PM): Yes.
o0sonny0o (11:32 PM): Could you just tell me?
o0sonny0o (11:32 PM): like…..For me, would you be able to take video footage or your cat actually playing it? Not just 4 pictures of its face?
o0sonny0o (11:32 PM): or pictures of it actually playing it
Dan Dickinson (11:33 PM): If I had a camcorder, sure.
Dan Dickinson (11:33 PM): Unfortunately, I don’t.
o0sonny0o (11:33 PM): well, could you take pictures?
Dan Dickinson (11:33 PM): The next time he plays, sure.
o0sonny0o (11:33 PM): -_-
Dan Dickinson (11:33 PM): Right now he’s a little busy licking himself.
o0sonny0o (11:33 PM): lol
o0sonny0o (11:33 PM): How is it possible for a cat to work a turntable?
Dan Dickinson (11:33 PM): He’s got nails, he just digs them in. It’s only plastic.
o0sonny0o (11:34 PM): Hmm…
o0sonny0o (11:34 PM): But
o0sonny0o (11:34 PM): Cats are colorblind.
Dan Dickinson (11:35 PM): What difference does that make?
o0sonny0o (11:35 PM): Well, how would it know which buttons to press (since their colored) if he was colorblind?
Dan Dickinson (11:35 PM): Color blind means you don’t see color. You see greyscale. The keys are black and white.
o0sonny0o (11:36 PM): oh.
Dan Dickinson (11:36 PM): The notes on the screen, I’d imagine, look white and somewhat dark.
Dan Dickinson (11:36 PM): Colorblind isn’t the same as totally blind. �Sheesh.
o0sonny0o (11:36 PM): Yeah I know
o0sonny0o (11:36 PM): I just thought they were colored for some reason
Dan Dickinson (11:36 PM): Do you actually play IIDX?
o0sonny0o (11:36 PM): No.
Dan Dickinson (11:36 PM): Ah.
o0sonny0o (11:36 PM): But I know how it works
o0sonny0o (11:36 PM): Hmm…
o0sonny0o (11:36 PM): How would a cat be able to move his hands so fast?
Dan Dickinson (11:37 PM): Aren’t cats reknown for having quick reflexes?
o0sonny0o (11:37 PM): Yeah but, that must be a pretty damn smart cat.
o0sonny0o (11:37 PM): If it can match whats on the screen to the actual buttons.
Dan Dickinson (11:38 PM): We’re very proud of him.
o0sonny0o (11:38 PM): =
Dan Dickinson (11:39 PM): Any more questions?
o0sonny0o (11:39 PM): K, whatever, I still dont believe it unless I see better pictures, but no, I do not have any more questions.
Dan Dickinson (11:39 PM): Alright, well, I’ll see what I can do.
o0sonny0o (11:39 PM): Thanks for your time.
Dan Dickinson (11:39 PM): Oh no, thank you.


A New Addition To The Family

Everyone, say hello to Buttons.


Buttons will be joining our house on Saturday this week (after the ol’ neuter routine). The Ithaca SPCA page had this adorable description and we couldn’t pass it up:

I am a young male. I was surrendered to the SPCA by my former owner who didn’t take the time to leave any information about me. I am a super sweet and loving boy who loves to cuddle and is very playful. I am a handsome fellow with cute white mittens who must be seen to be appreciated. Please come to the shelter and meet me today!

Buttons has no tail, and is the cuddliest cat you’ve ever held. Everyone will have to come by and see him soon. :)