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Dickinson’s Flickr Hypotheses

I would like to propose the following hypotheses:

1. Any photo uploaded to Flickr will fall within the guidelines of at least one Flickr group.
2. As time increases from 1 to n, the odds of a comment being posted asking the owner of any reasonably interesting photo to be added to at least one of said groups increases to 1-(1/n).

Some of the comments I have received supporting these hypotheses:

* [Invite to a group of only cats sniffing flowers]( – picture of Buttons in roses.
* [Invite to Photo Rights Mobilization group]( – picture of sign at WWDC with passing mention to wanting to avoid being bothered by security.
* [Invite to Interestingness group]( – picture one of my “most interesting” according to Flickr.
* [Invite to “The Continuum”]( – same picture as previous comment.
* [Invite to group about British Comedies]( – picture of me with Simon Pegg & Nick Frost
* [Invite to group involving “beautiful light”]( – picture taken out window of an airplane.

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And You Thought You Were Going To Summer Camp!

Sure, Apple has sent the world into a tizzy with their new Boot Camp software, allowing Mac users with Intel based machines to run Windows. It’s astounding news, and when you see it in action, you will say WOW – but I’m not here to talk about the business ramifications.

I’m here to talk about the other electronic Boot Camp.

In my 24 years as a gamer, there were times when I would go into an arcade and in the course of my visit, find some game I’d never even heard of that just flat out grabbed hold of my very being. There would either never be a home version of this game, or it would completely suck. The arcade cabinet itself would inevitably disappear a week or two later, and never be seen again.

Boot Camp – a 1987 Konami arcade game – was one of those games. Read on, and learn about what may be the archetype game for Konami’s gameplay in the 1980’s.

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Another Flickr Collision

Back during WWDC, I wrote a post about Flickr and it’s habit of causing real-world collisions, spurred by a post from Buzz Anderson.
So: I use, a wonderful social bookmarking app. Part of the functionality is that I can subscribe to bookmarks from people I trust or on subjects I’m interested in. Today, while riding the subway, I checked my inbox, and the top link was from Buzz:

Cool Cyber Dude on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
*This* guy should win a Macworld Best of Show. Bobby and 
I have seriously been  on the floor laughing for about five 
minutes after seeing this photo...
to macworld photo humor virtualreality by ldandersen ...
labeled as Online ... on 2006-01-13 07:56:08

Now, I’ve been to my Apple expos before, and I know the type that ends up in shots like these. And so, just reading this, I can only imagine what I’m in for while my Sidekick tries to load the photo. Certainly this would have to contain more than the standard geek t-shirt and possibly even more than the Apple dyed hair and/or tattoo that’s become commonplace over the last few years. This would have to be a truly unique geek to get someone like Buzz on the floor laughing for five minutes.

It loads. I looked. And then I died – not of laughter, but some weird mortified-and-aware-of-the-collision way.

It was, of course, a picture of my boss.

Adding to further the collision: the picture was taken by Mike Merill – who I’ve been bouncing email with because he works for Panic and was involved in getting me my Katamari shirts.

World! Too! Small!