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Another Flickr Collision

Back during WWDC, I wrote a post about Flickr and it’s habit of causing real-world collisions, spurred by a post from Buzz Anderson.
So: I use, a wonderful social bookmarking app. Part of the functionality is that I can subscribe to bookmarks from people I trust or on subjects I’m interested in. Today, while riding the subway, I checked my inbox, and the top link was from Buzz:

Cool Cyber Dude on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
*This* guy should win a Macworld Best of Show. Bobby and 
I have seriously been  on the floor laughing for about five 
minutes after seeing this photo...
to macworld photo humor virtualreality by ldandersen ...
labeled as Online ... on 2006-01-13 07:56:08

Now, I’ve been to my Apple expos before, and I know the type that ends up in shots like these. And so, just reading this, I can only imagine what I’m in for while my Sidekick tries to load the photo. Certainly this would have to contain more than the standard geek t-shirt and possibly even more than the Apple dyed hair and/or tattoo that’s become commonplace over the last few years. This would have to be a truly unique geek to get someone like Buzz on the floor laughing for five minutes.

It loads. I looked. And then I died – not of laughter, but some weird mortified-and-aware-of-the-collision way.

It was, of course, a picture of my boss.

Adding to further the collision: the picture was taken by Mike Merill – who I’ve been bouncing email with because he works for Panic and was involved in getting me my Katamari shirts.

World! Too! Small!