It appears that [Mr. Reznor]( is working in an [alternate reality game]( to help hype up the approaching release of his new album, [year zero](

**WARNING**: Many of the links below go to sites with fractured web design and possibly disturbing text, images, or sound. Click at your own risk.

The plot seems to involve some sort of military drug called “Parepin”, and an underground resistance, set some time in the future. The first site, [](, was found by reading the bold letters on the new tour t-shirts. Subsequent sites found include:

* [Another Version Of The Truth](, which contains a “resistance” message board hidden in the depths.
* [Be The Hammer](, a website belonging to a soldier in the 105th Airborne Crusaders.
* [105th Airborne Crusaders](, “the proudest unit in the service of protecting and policing God’s green earth.”
* [The First Evangelical Church of Plano](, a church that practices “neighborhood cleansing”.
* [Consolidated Mail Services](, some sort of citizen…mail service, I guess.

The [Unfiction boards]( are starting to buzz, but the [echoingthesound board]( is running away with it.

The game is apparently being PMed by [42entertainment](, they of ILoveBees.

Wish I had time to contribute, but I’m just going to have to read the summary from afar.

(Thanks to Ryan Godinez for much of the information for this post.)