Weapons of Mass Irritation

Last time I [posted about a mashup](, I wrote:

> Every now and then, there’s a mashup so goofy, so absurd, that you can only listen and try your damnedest not to die with laughter.

Today, I need to add a corollary:

Every now and then, there’s a mashup that is such a crime against humanity, that you can only listen in abject terror. It is the musical equivalent of a kick in the balls, and yet you will be unable to delete it.

If this isn’t enough warning, consider these quotes I’ve already gotten from people I’ve pawned it off on:

*”There is no god.”*

*”Seriously, who ever did this needs to be tracked down and beaten to death.”*

If that’s not enough warning, this is the last bit I can give before you go over the abyss: One of the source songs – nay, *the* source song – has been declared as “[a stunning assemblage of awful ideas](”, and “[so monumentally vacuous, slapped together and tossed-off that it truly tests the definition of ‘song’](”, among other lofty awards this year.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold: Aber N. Stein’s [Turkey in My Humps]( [as always, [via GYBO](]

Finally, something absolutely worse than the transit strike!