NYC Trip, Day 5

Woke up at 6. Grabbed a shower, got dressed, went to McD for breakfast. Hailed my cab and got over to Javits. Met up with Frank and Paul Rura, and then we queued up for the Keynote. Cut in line thanks to the MGL boys. Saw Sinbad.

Keynote was a hoot; all the new product announcements were great, as was the free mouse that we all got.

Spent the rest of the day wandering the floor and picking up goodies. Was in the front row for Jason Whong eating bugs (pictures will be here later), and I had lunch with Colin & Ian.

Left around 6:10, walked over to ScreamingMedia, and then we ran to the train home. Went to the 10PM showing of X-Men. I thought it was alright, nothing terribly exciting but it was enjoyable.

Came back, talked for a little bit with Dave’s SO Dominique, and then conked out.

I realize this is all a bit terse, and that’s because I’m standing at the Internet cafe in the expo typing, and there’s a line. I’ll expand this all when I get home tomorrow.