NYC Trip, Day 4

Christ, I’m behind schedule.

Quick version: Got up, took the train in with Dave, went up to his office. Very nice place. Walked over to 24th street, went in the wrong building, then found Freeverse.

Freeverse guys are extremely cool. Everyone has this nice warped sense of humor that I get along well with. Anyhow, we spent the day making little BMPl press kits (monkey hand puppet + BMPL matches + CD), sticking stickers on Byte Me teeth, and getting boxed copies of DG ready. Left at about 5:15.

Took a cab over to the med school, and ate dinner with Dad at Shabu-Tatsu, which is a Shabu Shabu sort of place. If you don’t know what that is – they give you a huge plate of meat and veggies and noodles, and you dip it in boiling hot water to cook it. Lots of fun and very filling.

Came back to the med school, called Kate, went to sleep.