Porn Day

As you might know if you’re in the cross-section of my readers who know me primarily through my work, we’ve been working on a kid’s webbrowser called BumperCar. It has been an interesting change of pace from the usual games, and has led us into directions we’re not used to going.

We’re currently in late beta, nearly ready to go Final Candidate. But we haven’t internally really beaten on the protection lately, and we’ve certainly been curious as to how it would fair against a kid desperate to see boobs.

So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Ian declared that Monday will be porn day – where we all sit down with the browser and try and find as much porn as possible while under kid protection. Prizes may be awarded.

Sometimes I wonder how on earth my life can be so weird. This is one of those times.

NOTE: I know some people will take it upon themselves to send me some links. I must politely decline on two grounds. One, it defeats the purpose of me trying to find it. Two, I know the kind of stuff some of you look at and it creeps the hell out of me.


I’ve Been Upgraded to Intern+

Ian mailed me yesterday and informed me that they liked me so much, they want me to take on some more duties. I happily accepted.

In exchange, they’re taking a chunk out of the price of my Cube! Woohoo!¬†Freeverse rocks! Go play BMPL now!

More details on what I’m doing when the time comes.


Fun from work

January this year – my hard drive mysteriously starts making clicking noises every now and then. I check the drive. Nothing is wrong. Life goes on.

This past Friday – Working on my projects when a folder of documentation is listed as corrupted. I run CHKDSK. Errors pop up. Life goes on. Monday – something else fails. My machine and sysadmin insist I run CHKDSK again. More errors pop up. I sigh.

Tuesday – The part of IE that holds passwords fails, so I can’t use forms without two error messages. Then my major project folder dies (luckily backed up the day before). Then Internet Explorer gets corrupted.

Welcome to Hard Disk Replacement City – population, me. I have rebuilt my machine from scratch, and it’s been a complete pain. I thought I was having troubles with my Mac at home, but this puts things in perspective.