Puzzled Over

Best Error Message Of 2009

Google Chrome was finally released for OS X this week. There’s plenty of ongoing debate about usability concerns, such as placement of tab close buttons.
While I don’t have a lot to contribute to those arguments, I’d like to inquire as to why upon attempting to open an HTML file from the OS, I would be given an alert that reads:
The document 'index.html' could not be opened.  Chrome cannot open files in the 'HTML document' format.
Chromium issue #14808, “Double-clicking a local html file with Chrome as default browser doesn’t open the file”, has been open since June 20th of this year. It is rated with a priority of 3, which translates to “Low. Resolve when time allows.”
Did I miss some critical moment in time where opening HTML files locally became passé?


Google Wave Invites

Google Wave, Googles proposed email killer, has finally made the leap from “developer preview” to “closed beta”. This means that much like when Gmail launched in 2004, there is a huge clamor for invites.

I happen to have eight seven. I am all out of invites.

Would you like one, valued reader? Leave me a comment on any published version of this post. Preference will be given to those people I know well. (Please make sure I have your preferred email address, and mind the note about them not being sent immediately.)

(I’ll send more out as soon as I get them, but maybe the people who got ones from me will be kind enough to send them on to the others that ask here!)


Changing the Google Notifier Refresh Rate

I find the Google Notifier to be invaluable, since I don’t get a large enough volume of mail to run a native client while at home. A number of months ago, the rate at which it checked for mail decreased significantly.

Luckily, there is a simple fix: defaults write AutocheckInterval # (where # is the number of minutes between checks)

Just jotting this down so I don’t lose this. Adapted from the original instructions on MacOS X Hints.