VJ Army Thanked In Burning Crusade Manual

I can’t claim discovery rights for this – said credit goes to [Omni]( from my forums – but [VJ Army]( was [thanked in the manual]( of the new World Of Warcraft expansion, [Burning Crusade](

This doesn’t come as a huge shock to me – details as to the how and why are detailed in my [needlessly gushing post]( on the forums.

Still, it’s well timed – VJ Army turns 3 this Friday.


VJ Army 4.0 Preview

In January of 2004, I launched the first major version of [VJ Army](, my Beatmania IIDX score tracking and community site.

Since that time, over 2500 users have registered, inputting nearly 500,000 scores collectively across 10 different game titles. By all traditional means, the site is a smashing success.

However, reality has set in recently: the site has always been rough around the edges, because I am not a designer. Worse, my time to work on the site has been greatly limited as my work obligations continue to grow.

Luckily, there is relief in sight. I am happy to announce VJ Army 4.0, scheduled for release around September 1st of this year. 4.0 represents massive overhauls to both the codebase and the VJ Army coding process. I’ve been really pleased with what’s been accomplished so far, and I’d like to give you a little tour through some of the fantastical newness.

Warning: lots of mind-blowing screenshots ahead.



You may have noticed the server is having some availability problems lately.

I can assure you that we’re working on it, but at this point it’s pretty baffling. The hardware has been replaced, the OS has been reinstalled, there aren’t any weird syslog messages, and yet still we crash for unknown reasons.

Mighty frustrating.