Enjoyed Puzzled Over

Captain Dan

Since I am in close contact with a handful of the Gothamist staff, I occasionally bat around jokes and thoughts about the news that they’re working on posting. Every now and then, they get included in the article.

This happened last week, when MTA head Peter Kalikow rushed to fix an LIRR station at the complaint of a neighbor / fellow yacht club member Deanna Banks. I had offered:

“Oh, we should be dressing up as yacht club members and protesting outside MTA headquarters so Kalikow can get to work on the subways.”

This got included in the article, and the article garnered a few of the regular MTA-griping comments that are typical of any story about mass transit.

But last night, a new comment appeared – from Deanna herself! And this has made my day:

Therefore not knowing who Mr Dickinson is, maybe I dont get his Thirston Howle humor that did not give one positive solution in order to help all of us commuters have a better experience. But hey we can dress up as yacht club members Captain Dan can wear the scramble egg hat with the monkey bars on his shoulders and we all can have a good laugh in order to relieve some of the tension that we seem to be experiencing on the train.


VJ Army Thanked In Burning Crusade Manual

I can’t claim discovery rights for this – said credit goes to Omni from my forums – but VJ Army was thanked in the manual of the new World Of Warcraft expansion, Burning Crusade.

This doesn’t come as a huge shock to me – details as to the how and why are detailed in my needlessly gushing post¬†on the forums.

Still, it’s well timed – VJ Army turns 3 this Friday.


A Bit Of Vanity

After seeing Darren Aronofsky’s new film yesterday afternoon (certainly in my top five for the year), I’ve been thinking a bit about age/life/death/monkey surgery. Nothing too heavy, certainly not enough to turn into a long-winded post.
I noticed something today while I was pushing up some photos I took yesterday. This was a self-portrait I took of myself over two years ago, in October of 2004:

On The Phone

This is me yesterday:


I’m not sure what caused it – the make of the camera? the red monochrome filter? the hair that’s nearing the length it was in high school? the face I’m making? – but I look younger, and that freaks me out.

I’m older than I’ve ever been, and now I’m even older.