Panic may now hold a record for fastest conversion cycle with me now that they’ve released Coda.

To echo comments I’ve made to a friend, it’s what iWeb should have been.

If you have a Mac, and you do anything resembling web design or programming, you need to at least give this a spin.


Think Homepage Goes Live

For those of you who were waiting for an official release of Think instead of my jump-the-gun post about it a few days back can now find the app at the [Think homepage](


Another App To Change Your Life

Freeverse has released [Think 1.0](

Think is an app that will help you focus on whatever it is you’re trying to do by allowing you to “illuminate” any application, removing all other distractions.

Other apps have offered similar functionality, but Think does it with style and grace. I would do a tutorial, but the manual really nails what you need to know.

Cheers to [Mikey]( – it’s a fantastic app. Congrats on the release.