Blacktree Goes Dark

I know a number of Quicksilver nuts are reading this, so maybe this will get the word out. was suspended today due to it overloading the database on Alcor’s host. He is investigating solutions, but he’s a little busy with school projects right now to handle it.

So hang in there, Quicksilver users – it’ll be back soon.

Best Of Explained

Another Quicksilver Tutorial: Gold Trigger

By this point, Quicksilver is a staple in the must-have applications for most OS X power users. It’s a feature packed, robust application with almost limitless potential to help you streamline your day to day computing tasks.

But even with the thousands and thousands of converts and evangelists, it’s hard to introduce someone new to Quicksilver. It’s difficult to describe, and even harder to train someone in. I learned this the hard way when I was showing the app to a fellow geek friend who, despite having heard a lot about QS, just couldn’t get her head around it.

The solution I found most effective is to latch onto a feature that based on my user sampling is woefully underused. It’s incredibly useful, so you’ll feel the effects of it immediately in your workflow. Best of all, it’s built on top of the subject-action-target model that QS is based on, so playing with it will grow your understanding of how Quicksilver works.

With that said, it’s time to fire up your copies of the [latest version]( and get ready to learn all about triggers.


Quicksilver b40 (P)review

If you’re like me at all, you’ve been waiting patiently for Tiger solely for the impending return of Quicksilver builds every few weeks.

Luckily, Alcor is kind enough to have provided me with a developmental build (to be fair, everyone on #quicksilver has access, but I’m going to pretend), and gave me permission to drop some of the new feature flavor in your ear. Or in your eye, I guess.
b40 is out now, so this is less of a preview and more of a review.