Puzzled Over

For All Your Glow In The Dark Towel Song Needs

Via Metafilter, the best worst (or maybe the worst best) thing you’ll see today: the ad for Microsoft’s Songsmith.

Warning: may induce vomiting.

I wouldn’t have thought Microsoft would ever top the Springsteen-esqe Vista SP1 video, but they’ve done it.


True That, Double True

I know it’s been floating around online for a week, but the crazy ridiculous geek rap “Lazy Sunday” from SNL last week is free on iTunes, and is probably the funniest thing I’ve seen come from SNL in years.

The sad part? Watching this from Maryland makes me really, really miss New York City – because (as much as I hate to admit it), this is what most of my Sundays are like. Only without the bad-ass beat.