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Gaming 2009: PS3

The PS3 again shouldered most of the load of my console gaming this year, and it shined bright with exclusives this year. Let’s get right into it.

Enjoyed Recommended

Gaming 2009: DS/PSP/Xbox 360/Wii

When it comes to my attention span, these consoles lost out in 2009.

The PSP software market, already a bit dry, turned desert-like this year. It was hard to find titles that weren’t reviewed poorly (Gran Turismo Portable) or overpriced to hell (LittleBigPlanet PSP, GTA:Chinatown Wars).

The Wii and DS repeated their performance from last year, with the Wii managing 2 retail purchases but no downloaded titles, and the DS managing one retail purchase.

The 360, which last year managed a whopping 1 retail game purchase, managed to sink to an abysmal 0 retail games and about 4 XBLA purchases. (The 360 continues to get a bit of a free pass since every game on the Multiplatform list is available for it.)

With this poor performance in mind, let’s find some silver lining in an otherwise dreary year.


Gaming 2009: Prologue

Early last year, I churned out a series of posts that were surprisingly well received where I ran through the high points and low points for gaming across every platform I owned.

I have been struggling against the weight of a large pile of games to do the same for this year, and while the posts won’t be as rapidly posted as they were last year, I am nearing the point where I feel ready to do this.

Expect to see the following in the coming days:

* Gaming 2009: DS/PSP/Xbox 360/Wii
* Gaming 2009: PS3
* Gaming 2009: Multiplatform
* Gaming 2009: PC
* Gaming 2009: iPhone
* Gaming 2009: Game Of The Year