My Pokemans. Let Me Show You Them.

My Pokemans.  Let me show you them.

Many gamers – the sorts of who proudly label themselves as gamers – snicker when the subject of Pokémon comes up.

Those poor souls are missing out. For Pokémon is the same kind of hard-nosed, level grinding RPG that so many people remember fondly in their more formative years. While the trappings may be cartoon, and the mechanics simplified, it is a good time that can be had by all.

The US release of the first true DS Pokémon games, entitled *Diamond* and *Pearl* (Prince must be pleased), hits US stores tomorrow. Buttons has connections, and thus we are currently cranking away on our respective games. I have Pearl, Katie has Diamond.

Everyone with a DS should buy one of the two games.

My WFC friends code is **0430 4738 4617**. (You won’t get your Wifi code until you reach the fourth town, where the first Gym is.) If you’re someone I know, or would otherwise recognize the name of, *please* leave your code in the comments, over IM, or via email.

Let’s catch them all.


Clubhouse Games Friends Code

2363 0377 6019

This post is meant for friends of mine who may also own the game. If I don’t know you, and you leave your friends code in the comments, chances are I’m not going to add you. If you start treating the comments like a chat room, chances are I’m going to delete your comments.


Follow-Up Justification for Save Yourself

Just to follow up on [my game save post](, this was on Gamespot today:

**[Iwata on ‘The End of Indifference to Games’](**

>As an indicator of the market’s health, Iwata cited the number of game users per household in light of the Nintendo DS’s popularity. Console game machine users usually number between 2.2 and 2.8 users per household. By contrast, the Nintendo DS is used by three people on average per home–on other handhelds, this figure is 2.0 per household. Iwata speculated that “adjusting for single-person households, there are probably households of four or more in which everyone plays the DS.”

Three DS users per household, yet we still have games that pretend that only one person would ever want to save data on it at a time.