My Pokemans. Let Me Show You Them.

My Pokemans.  Let me show you them.

Many gamers – the sorts of who proudly label themselves as gamers – snicker when the subject of Pokémon comes up.

Those poor souls are missing out. For Pokémon is the same kind of hard-nosed, level grinding RPG that so many people remember fondly in their more formative years. While the trappings may be cartoon, and the mechanics simplified, it is a good time that can be had by all.

The US release of the first true DS Pokémon games, entitled *Diamond* and *Pearl* (Prince must be pleased), hits US stores tomorrow. Buttons has connections, and thus we are currently cranking away on our respective games. I have Pearl, Katie has Diamond.

Everyone with a DS should buy one of the two games.

My WFC friends code is **0430 4738 4617**. (You won’t get your Wifi code until you reach the fourth town, where the first Gym is.) If you’re someone I know, or would otherwise recognize the name of, *please* leave your code in the comments, over IM, or via email.

Let’s catch them all.