Santa Brandbook

"We chose red because it connects to blood, which signifies family, and communism, which alludes to sharing."

The Santa brand book is brilliant.


Delayed Loot Report

Far be it from me to not needlessly list what things were acquired during this magnificent gift giving season.

THE BIG ONE: Katie and I have collectively given ourselves a Canon EOS 20D. We’ve both really been enjoying the new-found photography hobby, and both wanted to take it a step farther. At the suggestion of yp, we went a little further than we originally anticipated and are now rocking the 20D. Some of the pictures are already up on Flickr – still getting used to the beast, but I’m certainly loving it this far. Also contributed from other sources were a 2GB card and a carrying bag.

THE HEAVY ONE: My parents shipped the behemoth Complete Calvin & Hobbes, which will nicely match my Complete Far Side collection from a few years ago. Like many people my age, I grew up devouring Calvin & Hobbes books, and am looking forward to thumbing through them all again. Oh, childhood, how I miss thee.

THE PEACEMAKING ONE: Katie’s parents got us a secondary TV and DVD player, so that Katie can get her critical TV/DVD watching in without nudging me off the video games. We may move the Gamecube into the other room as well.

THE USEFUL ONE: Katie’s parents also got me the Kensington SlimType keyboard, which for reasons I can’t quite understand, I type much faster on. Or maybe it’s just quieter, which gives me the placebo effect.

THE GAMES: Yes, of course I picked up a bunch of games. Pretty well distributed on the systems this year – 2 PS2 (DQ8 and Capcom Classics), 1 Xbox (Stubbs The Zombie), 1 DS (Castlevania), 1 GBA (FF4), 1 PSP (Midway Arcade Treasures Extended Play). Katie also got some games I may mooch on.

There was more, but I’ll save the point by point detailing of Kid Robot toys, DVDs, books, clothes, and candy.


Christmas By The Terabyte

An alternative take on the blog-what-you-got-for-Xmas meme.

Assuming the following mappings to be true:

The average PS2 or Xbox DVD game has a capacity of 4.5 GB.

The average Gamecube game has a capacity of roughly 1.3 GB.

The average CD – be it audio or game – has a capacity of 700 MB.

The average movie DVD has a capacity of 9.0 GB.

The combined data capacity of my Christmas presents – just mine, not including Katie’s – is 288 GB. Now, I don’t know what percentage of that capacity is actually filled, but my impression is it’s close.

Ten years ago, the computer I was using (the infamous SE/30) had a 30 MB hard drive. Were I to segment all of the data I’ve acquired over the last 48 hours into 30 MB chunks, I would need 9,600 Mac SE/30s to contain it all.

Just a wee bit frightening.