Delayed Loot Report

Far be it from me to not needlessly list what things were acquired during this magnificent gift giving season.

THE BIG ONE: Katie and I have collectively given ourselves a Canon EOS 20D. We’ve both really been enjoying the new-found photography hobby, and both wanted to take it a step farther. At the suggestion of yp, we went a little further than we originally anticipated and are now rocking the 20D. Some of the pictures are already up on Flickr – still getting used to the beast, but I’m certainly loving it this far. Also contributed from other sources were a 2GB card and a carrying bag.

THE HEAVY ONE: My parents shipped the behemoth Complete Calvin & Hobbes, which will nicely match my Complete Far Side collection from a few years ago. Like many people my age, I grew up devouring Calvin & Hobbes books, and am looking forward to thumbing through them all again. Oh, childhood, how I miss thee.

THE PEACEMAKING ONE: Katie’s parents got us a secondary TV and DVD player, so that Katie can get her critical TV/DVD watching in without nudging me off the video games. We may move the Gamecube into the other room as well.

THE USEFUL ONE: Katie’s parents also got me the Kensington SlimType keyboard, which for reasons I can’t quite understand, I type much faster on. Or maybe it’s just quieter, which gives me the placebo effect.

THE GAMES: Yes, of course I picked up a bunch of games. Pretty well distributed on the systems this year – 2 PS2 (DQ8 and Capcom Classics), 1 Xbox (Stubbs The Zombie), 1 DS (Castlevania), 1 GBA (FF4), 1 PSP (Midway Arcade Treasures Extended Play). Katie also got some games I may mooch on.

There was more, but I’ll save the point by point detailing of Kid Robot toys, DVDs, books, clothes, and candy.